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10 Akademik Sakharov Avenue
Moscow 107178
Chistye Prudy metro station
+7 (495) 926-16-40
Opening hours: 12:00 noon to 12:00 midnight
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Tahir Kholikberdiyev
Concept Author/Co-Owner/Project Mastermind

The pioneer of Russia’s meat gastronomy, a person who has made a seemingly impossible thing and persuaded the natives of Krasnodar Krai that barbecue is not the best use for a good piece of meat. Having brilliantly implemented the Skotina project in Kuban’s capital and gathered 60 meat producers from Russia’s southern regions at his cooperative, Tahir has decided to share his philosophy with Moscow dwellers. He has brought his best recipes and Russian South products to the capital city.

Bulat Ibragimov

A young and very talented chef from Kazan roasts the best Kuban meat for Moscow dwellers. Pretty tangled geography, isn’t it? Bulat has never regretted trading his oil industry career for a chef’s uniform. He mastered the art of cooking in Kazan, his home city, and even opened his own restaurant Kama where he cooked modern Tatar dishes. However, the Tatars turned out to be very conservative, so now Bulat is developing his chef’s talent in Moscow. He promises that at Yuzhane he is going to put a bigger emphasis on seasonality, introduce a fresh perspective on Southern cuisine, and even cook something truly Tatar at times.

Andrey Nikonov

Having built his career from waiter to director, Andrey knows all the traps and pitfalls of restaurant business very well. If Tahir is the commander of the Southern troops, then Andrey is our active duty officer. He supports the spirits of the team, and analyses all our blunders and mistakes. He is responsible for hospitality, level of service, and the attitude of all the restaurant’s personnel. It’s him who has created a team working so smoothly and in unison. Andrey’s motto is: never look back!

Lina Menchenkova
Bar Chef

She started as a bartender at 20, having traded the career of a future editor for live communication with people. She worked at various Moscow clubs for several years. Then she joined the United Bars chain and worked at Tequila Bar where she discovered a new and more exciting side to the bartender’s occupation. A year after that, she was employed by Kitayskaya Gramota, and then – by Dukhless Bar. She has been working at Yuzhane since the opening, but in as little as one month we realized that Lina’s warm, feminine hands are what a Southern bar needs.

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