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10 Akademik Sakharov Avenue
Moscow 107178
Chistye Prudy metro station
+7 (495) 926-16-40
Opening hours: 12:00 noon to 12:00 midnight
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New Seasonal Cocktails Spring 2017

Surely you already know that it’s Lina Menchenkova who is in charge of the wonders of cocktail mixing at Yuzhane. As seasons change, our cocktail menu changes, too.

Spring 2017 has brought to us fresh, fruity, not too sweet, and sometimes not sweet at all, but full-flavoured and astringent drinks meant not only for drinking, but for eating as well.

Let’s start with desserts – three types of alcoholic ice cream: Tequila Fruit Ice, Pear Infusion Ice Cream, and Vodka and Triple Sec Sorbet. The menu now includes the following infusion tasting sets: Fruit and Berries, Nuts and Vegetables, and Smoky ones. They are served with starters. And, of course, cocktails, cocktails, and cocktails. New versions of Gordey the Raven, Vladimir, and Krasnodar Bitter, as well as novelties: sour and sweet berry Aurora; fruity Peace, Labour, May; First Harvest with the taste of vegetables and greenery: and many others that we prefer not to talk about to avoid spoilers.